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What Happens When Your Productivity is Low?

A lack of productivity can be caused by a number of issues. The idea is to find the source of your non-productive behavior. Here are some clear tell-tell signs that you have become non-productive.

  • You find it difficult to maintain focus and are too easily distracted.
  • You are an avid procrastinator
  • Being overwhelmed. Maybe you’re setting goals too high or looking at the big picture instead of the next logical step. Or you feel you have too much work.
  • Being at the beck and call of others
  • You see no clear benefit in the tasks at hand
  • You’re not sure where to begin, so you don’t
  • You don’t know how to begin, so you don’t
  • You find it difficult to complete projects
  • You have difficulty prioritizing
  • You have poor time management skills

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