behaviors aOver 30 years and 30,000,000 assessments, TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® has helped more than
100,000 trim DNA 1companies improve the lives and productivity of
their employees, organizations and management teams.
Diane has 17 + years experince as a TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® authorized provider.

People have UNIQUE TALENTS and SKILLS of which they are often unaware.
TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS exists to REVEAL and HARNESS this talent using the SCIENCE OF SELF®.

Diane Bogino is here to improve the lives and productivity of your employees, organization and management team. Diane brings solid expertise and successful experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Selection, and Team Productivity in a variety of organizations and industries.  Call Diane today (404) 320-7834

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The Eleven Point Tandem Teams Program helps teams improve
trust, functionality, understanding, communication and performance.

One:    Meeting with the Management Team to explore the current environment, goals and business strategies

Two:     Observation of three team meetings

Three:  Each team member takes online battery of assessments

Four:    Debrief of individual team members' assessments

Five:     Management team receives a report of comparison and collective team information.

Six:       First of four Tandem Team Building Meetings

Seven: Coaching begins. Each team member receives 26 hours of coaching over a six-month period.
             (1 hour per week for six months)

Eight:    Meeting with management team to discuss processes, results and recommendations

Nine:     Develop specific action plans for each team member

Ten:      Three month follow-up with Management Team

Eleven: Six month follow-up with Management Team

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