Dealing with Difficult People

Angry Female 210Handling difficult people can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a quote we often attribute to our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." Often this can indeed be the road to making many difficult relationships less so. Other times, working with a difficult person takes skill and in extreme circumstances, even safety concerns. Every workplace has some person who makes life difficult, slows productivity, causes stress, or just likes to “stir things up.”  Changing jobs can help, but often there will be someone at the new job who is either more or less difficult than the person at your previous job. Running from difficult people is not always the answer and ignoring them is never the answer. What are some ways to handle a difficult person in your life?

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7 Tips For Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Conflict 210Disagreements and conflicts are part of work and life. However, conflicts are more than just a disagreement. In a conflict, one person may feel threatened. Conflicts come with a dose of negative emotions. Finding a solution for conflict is essential as they will continue to fester and foster ill will often affecting an entire workplace. While expecting to have a conflict free workplace or to never experience a disagreement is unrealistic, what are some ways to prevent, reduce, and better handle conflict?

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The Why and How of Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Coach Ment 210Life is like attending school every day. In other words, while living both our professional and personal lives, we learn continuously. Yes, there are extremes at both ends of the learning spectrum. There are those so busy learning new theories that they forget to learn the commonsense lessons in life, like how to come in out of the rain. Then there are those who think they already know everything and refuse to learn anything new. As with everything, there needs to be balance. Businesses can create learning cultures with balance for both the employee and the organization. How and why do they do that?

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5 Ways To Make Change Effective

bcgd Chanage at office 210Working with humans in coaching for development, getting unstuck, getting out of their own way, and other human pursuits, change is often a topic of conversation and activity. We are all different and most humans do not like change as being in a comfort zone comfort is the end of the journey for many of us. There are others who embrace change and even look for ways to create change if for no other reason than to do something different. How do these human elements fit into business change scenarios? In short, how can organizations make change more effective?

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Why and How to Build a Career Path Program in Your Organization

Career Plan 210Businesses of all sizes provide some form of perks, benefits, or resources to their employees. The larger the organization, the more benefits, and perks. This is a tougher challenge for the small business owner. However, to compete, they must provide some attractive incentives.  If a company can afford expensive benefits and incentive packages, great. But there are benefits that are budget friendly, such as a career path program. Of course, while the benefit of a career path program is obvious for the employee, this begs the question, what is in building a career path for the company and how do you do it anyway?

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Building a Better Workplace with Behavioral Assessments

Assess Culture 210Operating a business is no piece of cake. When you begin adding people into the mix, business operations become even more complex. In short, as a business grows, so does business complexity. In any given recipe for success, any business owner, consultant, or human resources executive will always have people as an ingredient. Here is the sticky part, people are not only part of the problem, but they are also part of the solution. How can that be?

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Get your Ducks in a Row – Organizational Alignment – Quack it up!

3 Ducks 210Get your ducks in a row! Get your stuff together! Shape up! Get organized! These phrases might be ringing in your ears from your parents, your boss, or significant other. But when you think about it, or maybe you don’t have to, these phrases are vague. First, you probably don’t even own any ducks. What stuff and what is stuff anyway? Shape up what? Organize what and where do I begin? In business we use the word alignment. A consultant may come in and say, “Mr. or Ms. CEO, you need to get this organization in alignment.” Again, we’re listening to vague direction. What is alignment, why do we need it, and how do you do it?

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