People Proces ProdctIs your company losing its edge because products and services are slow getting to your customers? On the other hand, maybe not developing leading edge products to keep up with purchasing habits and market trends is the issue. Either way this is a major survival concern for organizations in the early stages of growth and a profitability concern for more mature organizations. In addition, other contributing factors can help bog down this process.



Establishing Expectations:




Sometimes an organization grows so large or rapidly that logjams develop. Long-time customers may begin to question your ability to provide them the quality of service they want. The lack of efficiency in the areas of people, processes and products will cause your company to lose its edge. Be sure to train your employees on operations. They will not figure it out on their own. Leadership must constantly be at the forefront in identifying new and unique opportunities to refresh value to the customer in order to maintain momentum. Keep your edge sharp.