Building a Better Workplace with Behavioral Assessments

Assess Culture 210Operating a business is no piece of cake. When you begin adding people into the mix, business operations become even more complex. In short, as a business grows, so does business complexity. In any given recipe for success, any business owner, consultant, or human resources executive will always have people as an ingredient. Here is the sticky part, people are not only part of the problem, but they are also part of the solution. How can that be?

Manufacturing Gives Clues About Good Hiring Practices

Manufacturing WEBManufacturing processes are consistent and produce quality products. Manufacturing processes meet specific requirements - consistently. A recent study cited in Inc. suggests that organizations that practice specific hiring practices are more successful.

Establishing standards is the foundation of quality. Job analysis plays a big role in establishing standards. How will employees know what targets they are supposed to achieve? How will managers know when a candidate has met the right criteria in order to put the right person in the right job? How will the organization know if jobs are meeting quality standards that customers demand?

Make it standard practice to both participate in and hold job fairs on a regular basis.