The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the

conviction and the will to carry on.

~~ Walter Lippman (9/23/188912/14/1974 Pulitzer Prize winning journalistAudience 2

The business world is quickly realizing the importance of tomorrow’s leaders. Identifying and developing the potential within a company is undoubtedly the best practice in preparing for a successful future.

Who Is Better to Train the Future Leaders Than the Leaders of Today?
Our Leadership Development Program is a tool to initiate and maintain the relationship necessary to create leaders from leaders. With dedication from both the facilitator and the protégé, the Leadership Development Program will guide the relationship through various steps to ensure it follows the right path. When coupled with our cutting edge, scientifically based, valid and reliable assessments, the Leadership Development Program will help the leaders of today develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Based on research, the program identifies five key personal skills that are found in all true leaders. These qualities make up the basis of each of the five modules in the program:

  • Influencing Others
  • Personal Accountability
  • Self-Management
  • Goal Achievement
  • Interpersonal Skills

The Leadership Development Program is a solid, stand-alone tool that can also be tailored to meet specific needs and situations. It can be easily incorporated into a company’s current development strategy or can serve as the foundation for development practices. The program can be used internally with a successful leader, or the protégé can work with an outside coach to develop leadership skills.

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