• To maintain your company’s reputation as a caring and good corporate citizen

Large layoffs have an obvious impact on the community. Small or even individual layoffs can have an impact as well. The old rule about one dissatisfied customer fits here. One dissatisfied customer tells ten people and those ten people tell five people and so on until your company’s good name becomes tinged and tarnished.

  • Help reduce the chance of litigation and other negative actions

Providing outplacement helps the candidate to maintain his or her focus on the future and less on past events. The former employee becomes more enthusiastic about the future and channels energy toward new goals and aspirations. This helps reduce the likelihood that a former employee will sue, disparage, or sabotage your company.

  • To reduce the stress-level of managers involved in layoffs

Terminations and layoffs can be stressful not only for the candidate but for your managers as well. Using an outplacement service can help to greatly reduce that stress allowing the staff that stays to maintain productivity and continue to meet goals. Further managers are not as hesitant to lay off marginal or excess staff.

  • Maintain the morale of remaining employees

Even the employees who stay with a company can become paranoid, experience feelings of guilt, and become demoralized waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Will I be next?” often becomes a paramount thought. Using outplacement helps employees to understand that the company is maintaining a fair and compassionate approach to a necessary business strategy. Offering outplacement is also seen as a great recruiting benefit.

  • Outplacement enhances your employee’s benefit package

Just as health, financial, and incentive programs provide attractive benefits, so does outplacement. Just as the other benefits you provide, outplacement helps provide direction for business strategies, long-term growth, and inevitable change.

  • Mother said it best, “Always do the right thing.”

Helping others through difficult times is probably something you do in many areas of your life. The work place should be no different. Each case has to be judged on its own circumstances; however, providing outplacement assistance will provide a positive effect for the individual being out placed, you, and your company’s image.

Description of Outplacement Services

  • Assessments with personalized debrief

In each situation, we can identify specific talents and behaviors inherent in an individual. Success and job satisfaction come easier the closer the job matches an individual’s natural behavioral style. Our reports offer a system to capitalize on the individual’s talents, as well as their potential strengths and specific value to the organization. We can provide a list of potential occupations that may suit the individual’s natural behavioral style. The coaching process begins with debriefing the assessment and helps the candidate in quickly becoming stable, focused, and excited to get started on the job search process. 

  • Resume and Cover Letter Preparation       
We develop customized resumes and cover letters that stand out from the crowd, get the candidate noticed and get interviews! We know how to find an individual’s best attributes. Then we effectively highlight those attributes, transferable skills, and relevant achievements to help the candidate compete for the desired position.
  • Job Search Skills and Career Planning Coaching    

We coach candidates through the job hunting process and give them the secret to the fastest ways to find a job. Coaching includes, effective networking skills (complete with a script), how to find unadvertised jobs, and a helpful guide they can keep to refer to as often as needed. Coaching helps the candidate develop a positive attitude about the job hunting process, be enthusiastic about the future, and focus on new goals.

Performance and attitude in the workplace can be directly related to candidates’ internal value system. This can be discovered through the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values™ assessment. This report allows individuals to understand how their value system affects their choices and how it provides purpose and direction in their lives. Before making a career change, it is important for people to understand the values that drive their actions.

  • Resume Posting                

We post candidate resumes to a database of 10,000 executive recruiters (where applicable) and with at least four on-line career sites. Placement service can be arranged.

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