ThubUpWhile personal accountability seems difficult to achieve, it’s also high in demand. In over 95% of the jobs we studied, we found personal accountability to be one of the top seven personal skills that are required for superior performance on the job.  Most companies would agree that responsibility for actions is a major component to success on the job and will look for this skill in any employee review or selection situation.  Unfortunately, personal accountability can be difficult to gauge and is often times not genuine until you can scratch through the surface.

With personal accountability, people will likely be able to acquire additional skills vital to superior performance. This notion seems to be one of logic, as personally accountable people are responsible for their actions and will do what it takes to accomplish success.  On the flip side, those who have other skills, but are lacking personal accountability, will likely find it much harder to maintain their skills in the workplace.

In fact, we have found that those who show strength in the skill of personal accountability will often times bring several other skills to the table, including:

  • Management/leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Orientation
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Management

If personal accountability is so important to success on the job, yet difficult to find, how can we look for this skill in today’s talent?

Asking pertinent interviewing questions at hire can help. While questions like this might help you take a guess at the level of personal accountability an individual has, it is best to get a truly accurate picture of the skills they have through a individual assessment process.  This will eliminate all bias and give you statistical results that will easily help you take the next step in talent management.  Soft skills assessments and 360 degree surveys are commonly used in business practices today to accurately assess personal accountability and the many other skills that make each person unique.

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